Recommended harmonizations of the Genevan tunes include the following:

  • Claude Goudimel, The Genevan Psalms, Revised Mazmur Edition, edited and adapted by Harry van Dop (Rijssen, The Netherlands: Cantique-muziekuitgeverij, 2009), CD included.
  • Dick Sanderman, Genevan Psalms Chorale Book (Langley, BC: Church Music Projects, 2011; ISBN 978-1-77084-074-4).
  • George Stam, 150 Psalmen (Winnipeg, MB: Dennis Teitsma, c/o jteitsma@gmail.com).
  • Cor van Dijk, Voor de Opperzangmeester: 150 Psalmen in twee toonsoorten (Rijssen, The Netherlands: Cantique-muziekuitgeverij, 2009; ISBN 978-90-813709-1-2).
  • Willem Hendrik Zwart, Psalmen: Voorspelen en koralen voor 150 Psalmen en Enige Gezangen, completed and edited by Everhard Zwart (Heerenveen, The Netherlands: Jongbloed, 1998; ISBN 90-5030-864-3).


Mr. Dennis Teitmsa of Grace Canadian Reformed Church in Winnipeg has prepared harmonizations (including short preludes & postludes) for the 150 Psalms. The arrangements were composed specifically as instrumental accompaniment for unison congregational singing. He has very generously made these available free of charge by way of this website. Use the links to download the corresponding PDF document below. Professionally printed copies of a spiral-bound book of all 150 Psalms (it includes as well 85 Hymns of the Canadian Reformed Book of Praise) with laminated covers are available for the cost of printing ($12) plus shipping. These can be obtained by emailing Mr. Dennis Teitsma (c/o James Teitsma).

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